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© 2017 by HRTOOLZ.online C.V. | Maalderstraat 43, 2290 Vorselaar, Belgium | Info: Hans@HRTOOLZ.online


  • Driven by the vision that satisfied employees are committed, motivated and (even indirectly) productive


  • On a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of Human Resource Management towards a Millennial-friendly Employee Experience by Digital Employee Experience Design, 


  • Based on experience and knowledge that is gained by permanent learning and market research, 


  • Testing by taking it into conversation with professionals in the field - independently and objective. 


  • Crafting a Digital Employee Experience Design by information, conversation and contribution.   

Hans Mangelschots

HR-consultant 👨‍💼 | HR Tech watcher 👀 | Connecting the dots 🕸

  • Curious generalist/helicopter, HR consultant and HR Tech Watcher

  • 10 years of experience as (Youth) Employment consultant

  • Has spent the last 5 years as a start-up entrepreneur in HR Technology

  • Founded HRTOOLZ.online in 2017 on a mission to accelerate the digital transformation of HR towards a Millennial-friendly Employee Experience.