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From Personal Blog to HR Resource

What started as a modest personal blog in 2017, sharing insights about the digital employee experience and a simple spreadsheet of local HR innovations, has evolved into a comprehensive knowledge hub and database that has become too valuable not to share. Today, stands as a testament to the power of HR technology, marketing, and innovation, and it’s my gift to the community that has supported and embraced me over the years.

The Journey

Back in 2017, driven by a passion for HR technology and innovation, I began documenting my experiences and observations on a personal blog. I wanted to explore and share the digital transformation journey within HR, focusing on how technology could enhance the employee experience. Alongside the blog, I maintained a spreadsheet that cataloged local HR innovations, which gradually grew as I discovered more solutions.


As I navigated the world of HR technology, marketing, and innovation, the blog gained traction and the spreadsheet evolved into a detailed database. Over the years, my work attracted an audience of HR professionals, freelancers, and startups who shared my enthusiasm for HR innovation.

A New Chapter

After a series of personal and professional setbacks, I have decided to cancel all non-digital services related to, take a step back and be open to new challenges.

However, I couldn't let this platform, which has become a valuable resource for so many, fade away. It is with pride and a sense of fulfillment that I can now leave as a legacy for the HR community in the BeNeLux and beyond. Now it is up to the collective to continue centralizing information, exchanging ideas and collaborating on HR innovation, and for companies to keep pioneering HR. Either way, is your go-to-site to start your digital HR adventure for sure.

What Offers
  • Comprehensive Databases: Over 1,700 global HR technology solutions categorized for every HR process.

  • Site Partner Solutions: Featuring solutions tailored for startups, freelancers, recruiters, and HR professionals.

  • Knowledge Hub: Exclusive vendor information, support templates, research, and insights from industry leaders.

  • Community Interaction: A platform for members to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on HR innovation.

  • Inspiration Blog and Startup Newsletter: Regular updates on the latest HR innovations and trends through our blog and the "HRStartFolio" newsletter.

  • Job Listings: Discover opportunities within the HR technology space, perfect for freelancers and professionals seeking new roles.

The Mission's mission is to empower freelancers, HR professionals, and startups to connect, learn, and innovate, driving HR innovation to the next level. The platform is committed to fostering a collaborative collective where members can access a rich knowledge base, engage in meaningful discussions, and stay inspired through cutting-edge content.

Moving Forward

As I take a step back, creating space to pursue new endeavors, I leave in the hands of the collective that has grown around it. It is up to you, the members and pioneers of HR, to keep the platform vibrant and ahead of the curve. By engaging with the content, sharing your insights, and fostering partnerships, you can ensure that continues to be a beacon of HR Innovation.

A Gift to the Collective

This platform is my gift to you, a token of appreciation for the support and engagement I’ve received over the years. Old friends are always welcome. Together, we’ve explored strategies to attract, develop, and retain employees, and now it’s time for the collective to carry this legacy forward.

Let’s continue to pioneer HR technology and innovation, making a lasting impact on the field.

Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Warm regards,

Hans Mangelschots


For HR professionals and leaders:

  • Access a vast and growing database of HR technology solutions tailored to various needs.

  • Engage with a community to share expertise, best practices, insights, and innovative ideas.

  • Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements through the blog and "HRStartFolio" newsletter.

  • Discover new opportunities through our job listings.

For freelancers and entrepreneurs:

  • Discover opportunities and connect with potential clients through the message board or member interaction features.

  • Access valuable resources and templates to enhance your services and stay competitive.

  • Enjoy exclusive free trials and discounts from site partners

  • Explore job listings tailored to the HR tech space.

For Business Owners and Startups:

  • Showcase solutions to an audience of HR professionals, freelancers and fellow-entrepreneurs.

  • Gain visibility through sponsored and featured content, on the blog, in the database, on the site, etc.

  • Leverage the knowledge hub for strategic insights and research to support community decision makers and drive business growth.

  • Attract digital HR talent with a job board listing

Join This Exciting Collective

Join the collective, discover the latest HR tech solutions, connect with like-minded professionals, and showcase innovative products or your expertise. Together, HR innovation can be driven forward, making a lasting impact.


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